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I have tried so many products for weight loss and none of them worked. Then Vitamins and Health Essentials Skinny R You has finally worked!  I felt so much energy taking Skinny R You supplement and never felt hungry, just stuck to my healthy eating program and a little bit of exercise and the weight just came off! I'm down 25 pounds and counting!

Lisa C.
Long Island, NY


Craig at Vitamins and Health Essentials is knowledgeable, compassionate ant the most patient person I have ever met on the planet. He has guided me trough some very tough medical issues for the past few years, always giving me the best advice. You know when someone is good when your own doctor gives you the same advice as Craig does. All I can say is, what is missing from Craig’s name is the two letters M.D. He is the doctor of good health! You are the best Craig.

Lisa F.


I was looking for different solution to help me with my high cholesterol problem for years. I had been using Lipitor for the last 2 years. I was experiencing muscle and joint paint which is a side effect from the drug. I met Craig, who suggested a program I should try. I stopped using Lipitor and started on the vitamin regiment Craig suggested. Two weeks later I spoke with Craig again because my blood pressure was too high. I was getting a reading of 140/96. Craig explained that he himself had similar reads several years back and had used a vitamin regimen that had lowered his pressure. He gave me the same treatment, including Blood Sugar Control and Cholestacare, which I followed to the “T”. At the same time I visited my personal physician who prescribed pressure pills, he did not believe the natural herbs and vitamins would help. I took the prescription pill for only 7 days and followed Craig’s program. In just two months my pressure is 111/70 and my cholesterol is 167. I also followed a healthy diet and natural vitamins, including Skinny R You Craig recommended and I lost over 25 pounds. I would like to thank Craig for introducing me to wonderful natural program and would tell anyone to definitely consider a natural herbs and vitamin regiment. They really work!

Douglas R.


I was looking for someone like Craig to help me because I was tired all the time! Even when I slept 10 hours the night before, I felt tired. Then, Craig recommended Energy Factors and at first, I did not feel anything. Two weeks later, I noticed that I was not tired. I was able to wake up refreshed in the morning and wasn’t drinking as much coffee. At first I could not figure out why I wasn’t feeling tired and then I remembered that I had been taking Energy Factors for the past two weeks. I feel so much better. I am glad I decided to try it!



I tried expert consulting with Craig Cascio, regarding my various health conditions. In the beginning I suffered from a weakened immune system, arthritis, calcium and other chemical imbalances, and various symptoms of aging and stress. Now with Craig’s continuing sensitive listening, his extensive knowledge and application of supplements, and gentle urgings for me to meet the conditions necessary for robust natural health (such as exercise, alkalizing foods, and more), I have been maintaining a high state of well-being, so much improved that people assume I am a lot younger that I am. I have excellent energy, sleep very well, digest well, and I am not generally effected by flues, colds, or weaknesses.

I attribute this in part also to my own heath practices, including emotional and spiritual awareness and body work. But, I must also acknowledge the impact of my work with Vitamins and Health Essentials – the personalized care I’ve received, the high quality of the specially formulated products, and the wonderful support for going beyond my tendency to lose focus on building toward robust health and longevity. I am very glad to have Vitamins and Health Essentials and Craig to help keep me on track.

Sandra G.


I contacted Vitamins and Health Essentials 8 weeks ago with elevated blood pressure. I was given a protocol of supplements, by Craig. Several weeks later my blood pressure came back to a normal range. So pleased to once again be helped by Craig and the natural remedies he’s given me!

Susan B.


 Dear Craig,

This note is to thank you for all your help, caring, dedication and expertise. I am so thankful to have someone like you to help me with my various health needs. You are very special indeed and I value our work together.

Judy A.


After my 40th birthday my vision drastically declined and I was about to visit the optometrist. I was seeking an advice of my friend Sabina and she suggested taking Vitamins and Health Essentials Eye Care supplement. I did not expect to see results for at least few weeks and I was astonished seeing a huge improvement in my vision just few days after taking the product. I know it works because I can finally read small print and my blurry vision is gone. Eye Care has helped me very much. I just had to write this testimonial to let people know how powerful this product is! I introduce it to people who need vision help. Thank you for having a product that actually works.

Betty K., Selden, N.Y.